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Events Accommodation

Organising events can be quite a handful from sourcing venue and clients to keeping them updated about the progress of the event. Let BookaHotelDeal be your travel partner at no extra charges and we can take over looking after travel needs of your clients whilst giving you complete transparency.

We have built a very unique tool that is bespoke for each event and our knowledgeable staff will be there right through to guide our mutual clients to make the best decision based on their exact requirements.



It is important to keep track of the additional service being offered for event attendees. BookaHotelDeal’s strong reporting tools will be able to help you understand reservation trends such as client preferences which we can enhance over the years to offer a further bespoke solution. We offer complete transparency in our solution which can be accessed by you at any stage.


Post an event we do collect feedback from travelers and do share the response received so that you are aware of the service we have provided. Apart from feedback we can also share information such as average savings, adoption of recommendations and many more reports that help you understand the travelers trends and how we have positively impacted the event.

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