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Corporate Travel Management

Book a Hotel Deal also offers a unique solution for events organisers and attendees to book hotels in vicinity of the event location at guaranteed discounted prices.

Every client’s requirements are tailor made to deliver value for money travel and save the company valuable time. We aim to achieve this by using visionary travel technology and round the clock service.


Policy Creation

An effective corporate travel policy not only keeps the travel booking process organized but also enables more savings


Creating a policy would require a significant amount of effort and time. Your Dedicated Account Manager and our travel counselors will help you draw up a policy based on your company travel requirements.

Once created, all policies set out are implemented in your travel tool and we then focus on advising your employees about the policies and motivate them to use the tool.

We will help you draw out a scope of the policy so as to maximise savings on each travel destination.

Frequent traveler preferences will be adhered to and delivered to meet their expectations.

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